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The Farm

Our Farm

Raising Quality Plants, Trees, and Miniature Horses.

The Farm, located at 1625 Airport Rd in Ormond Beach, Florida is a beautiful 8-acre agricultural growing operation featuring tropical and sub-tropical plants, palms, trees, and groundcovers.  Our team goes to the top premium growers in South Florida and hand-picks the plants that will be brought back to be sold at The Farm.  All of our grow stock comes from the same area and is hand-picked at the perfect time and in its healthiest state before being stepped up for growing at The Farm.   












We offer delivery and installation services and can help you design the perfect tropical paradise for you to enjoy every day!

Additionally, the Farm is also home to a non-profit Mini Horse Rescue Operation.  The horses have become such an important part of the farm as our customers have come to adore them and love the interaction with them.

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Our Story

Local Family Farm

In Memory of Leo "Sonny" Ganz  1940-2022

In1979, Tommy Ganz picked up right where his grandfather, Lee Ganz left off.  Serving the Ag industry only carving his own path in the commercial landscape maintenance industry.


"It's our Culture of Care that really sets us apart" explains Tommy Ganz, Sr., company President.  "We spend an incredible amount of time, money and vast company resources to entrench the ideal in our team-members minds that we do whatever it takes to put the customers property above all.  It's that simple."  Explains Tom Sr.

As former President of ALMA, The American Landscape Maintenance Association with over 3,000 members and having a pivotal role in developing the Nation's two largest landscape maintenance franchise companies, Tommy has had the tremendous opportunity to work with landscape operators of every size, all over the nation. 


Today, Tommy and his wife Barbara operate Big League Landscape, a commercial landscape maintenance and construction firm, and not surprisingly - has returned to Tommy's family roots as the owner/operator of The Farm.  

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